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Opulence Redefined

Handmade pieces sculpted from gold with a mix of brilliant round-cut diamonds and uncut natural diamonds


Subtle or Statement ?

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Let's celebrate

Layer and

Master the art of layering necklaces 

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Inspired by history, captivated by tomorrow.

Wearable works of art

Dubai-based gemologist and artist Mamta Valrani pairs her Indian heritage with contemporary style to create nuanced handcrafted pieces of fine jewellery with a timeless elegance. The designs are made to suit every occasion with an exquisite selection of enamel work, adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, creating eternally beautiful statement pieces.

“I am passionate about creating a brand that dovetails  my commitment to preserve the ancient crafts and my love to create all things beautiful. I would like for everyone to enrich their lives by experiencing luxury through wearable works of art.”

- Mamta Valrani

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Versatile and Wearable

Handcrafted pieces imbibing elegance and versatility

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